dies das, Berlin, 29.10.2015

dies das, Berlin, 29.10.2015

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Meersburg, September 2015

Meersburg, September 2015

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During my holidays i stumbled about the app “Take it” which lets…

During my holidays i stumbled about the app “Take it” which lets you select your favorite 5 pictures of the  month that they print for free (plus shipping), tried it out and let them deliver to my parents place.

Their quality is okay, they look a bit like polaroid pictures, the paper is a bit thin – but i didn’t expect the highest quality for free prints. You can also select a message to be printed on the back, which i didn’t do because it was just a quick test. I might do so next time because they make great gifts for friends and family. A small reminder of a weekend, a festival or a holiday spent together.

Take it also has a social feature. You can share your best photos with your friends and if they’re very popular, you get more free prints. I haven’t tried this out yet.

If you’re wondering how this works for Take it financially, you should have a look at their terms and conditions. They basically work with a system where the user can choose at some point between a payment and an advertising action like watching a video ad or signing up to a newsletter.

If you need high quality prints that are not for free, check out Social Print Studio. By the way, their newsletter is the most personal and fun i know. Even if you’re not very interested in their photo printing services, you should subscribe and learn about the art of crafting newsletters that people actually read until the very last p.p.p.s. 😉

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that tower again

that tower again

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Kontraste (Berlin Mitte)

Kontraste (Berlin Mitte)

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yet another Müggelspree Spaziergang

yet another Müggelspree Spaziergang

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in the end it doesn’t even mattress

in the end it doesn’t even mattress

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(S) SpindlersfeldBCR

(S) Spindlersfeld


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