mobile UX — personalization 🤳🏼

This is blogpost number 4 of my series „7 aspects that improve the UX of your app“.


context aware design: delivering the right information to the user at the right time (source)

We are all different, so why should the apps we use behave the same towards everyone? An interesting aspect in mobile UX is personalization. It focuses on creating experiences that adapt to the user. Similar to adaptive design which adapts to different devices, personalized UI adapts a layout to a person. Mobile app UI design might move further away from being device-focused, and move closer to being user-focused, personalized.

How to make apps more personal

You can implement personalization features during the onboarding of a user (e.g. letting them select their favorite topics) or look for ways to create push notifications that relate to the users last use of the app. Check the information you already have about the user. How can this information help to improve the user experience with personalized features? Of course you should not make it creepy and be transparent about which data (like location) your app requires.

You can use data to segment your users. Users can be sorted according to device, location, space, amount of purchases and time spent. This allows you to make personalized campaigns for particular segments.

In addition, you can look for ways to determine if you should increase the font size, decrease screen brightness, eliminate flashing images or sound. Many apps already have such options in the settings.

I am still looking for good examples in this area, so if you know an app which has some cool personalization features, please send a message!

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