thesoundofbooks: Book: Im Café der verlorenen JugendAuthor:…


Book: Im Café der verlorenen Jugend
Author: Patrick Modiano

Soundtrack: Amélie from Montmartre – Yann Thiersen
Find it on youtube, on rdio… and probably at several others music streaming services. Or put a CD in your CD player, if you still own something like that. (i do)

It fits quite well because both the Movie Amelie and the Book from Modiano play in Paris in a romantic setting.

This was a really easy one to start with. Just to get it going. Tonight i realised that when reading a book, i’m starting to look for the perfect soundtrack that i can listen to while reading on the train, at home or outside. Sometimes it’s even a playlist or an artist that’s mentioned in the story of the book, sometimes it’s the country or the city where it plays. In other cases it’s just what feels right. This might be electronic music without lyrics for harder books, it might be oldschool rap, jazz, nearly anything.

So let’s see where this spontaneous blog will take me. I decided to start it just 5 minutes ago – no idea if there’s anything similar out there. Probably yes. But i don’t care…

The Sound Of Books. For readers and music lovers. 🙂

Letzte Woche habe ich mich gefragt, warum Bücher eigentlich nicht mit passendem Soundtrack verkauft werden. Daraufhin habe ich spontan einen neuen Blog gestartet, auf dem ich Bücher mit Musik matche. Mal sehen, ob ich dran bleibe 😉

Hier entlang zum abonnieren:

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