Bellabeat – Smart Jewelry

Bellabeat – Smart Jewelry:

I signed up for the waitlist for a LEAF – a smart wearable that actually looks nice. My Jawbone UP24 is on my wrist day and night since about 9 months and although i got used to it, there are moments every day when i want to get rid of it, e.g. when typing on my laptop and resting my wrists on the table, which i normally do for several hours a day. So should i switch to a new wearable like the LEAF? It lets me use it as a clip, on a necklace or on my wrist – whatever is most comfortable in the moment. On the other hand, this one is not perfect for sports and it also doesn’t have heart rate monitoring – a function that i would like to have for my next wearable. I guess i’ll wait and use my UP24 until i find the perfect smart piece of wearable tech.

(today i thought that i could write a little more on this blog, in addition to the photos, links and music that made the majority of the content lately. This will mostly be short posts on random topics, some thoughts or questions)

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