Optimism doesn’t sell

Optimism doesn’t sell:

“Dystopianism is the ultimate statement of hubris: ‘I am smarter than the rest of you,’ says the profound pessimist. ‘I can see where you are all going wrong. I can see that you can’t learn. I am better than you all.’

Like game shows, reality TV, and gawking at Walmart shoppers, dystopianism is mostly an excuse for making fun of your neighbors and feeling superior to them. They’re so stupid they’re ruining the future.

I am an optimist to a fault. I say that life is better than it was. I see progress.I say that bad guys win too many battles but so far good guys tend to win the wars. I say that technology brings us new opportunities to advance if we’re open-minded enough to see them.

But nobody’s buying that. Dystopia’s so much more fun.”

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