10 German Slang Phrases to Sound Like a Native

10 German Slang Phrases to Sound Like a Native:

Na? Was geht ab? Interesting hints for anyone who’s learning German, but also quite amüsant geschrieben für alle Deutschsprachigen. Wieder was gelernt. Und gelacht.

„Interestingly, in German you often chill in rounds, though usually just one. “Eine Runde chillen is an important part of the weekend activities for many younger Germans. But don’t worry, once the first one is done, you can usually just chill another round.”

„What’s confusing about the phrase is that “Bock is actually the German word for male goat. No kidding. But before you ask yourself what is wrong with Germans and their metaphors, let me point out that it probably derives from the Romani word “bokh which means hunger. It seems that over time not only was the spelling adapted to German, but its meaning came to denote a metaphorical hunger for anything – not just food.

Today “Bock haben is a common way of expressing your inclination or disinclination for doing something. It is also entirely possible to have “null Bock, when your enthusiasm is so low it arrives at zero. Some people even have “Böcke, meaning more than one Bock, but it’s not very common.”

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